Energy Tips for the Summer


Heat records for the month of May have already been set in some locations in the south. The city of Laurinburg encourages customers to prepare now to minimize the impact of higher temperatures and increased energy use on electric bills.

Here are a few tips pertaining to air condition use that may be helpful in saving money and energy:

– Have a professional service your A/C unit now to ensure it is running efficiently
– Trim plants around outside units so they can receive proper air flow
– Set the thermostat at 78 to 80 degrees for peak efficiency. Approximately 5% is added to cooling costs for each degree the thermostat is set below 78 to 80 degrees.
– Check filters monthly; replace or clean them as needed
– Close drapery at the windows to keep the sunlight out
– Use an attic fan to ventilate the house and reduce the use of the air conditioner
– Consider running a ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner during cooler parts of the day