6 pm update: The National Weather Service in Raleigh update just concluded and there is an update on the impact Scotland County can expect. As of right now, Florence’s track and the speed at which they are projecting the storm to have are going to increase our rain totals. As of now, we are projected to receive 20+ inches of rain over the next 7 days. Twenty, with the possibility of over thirty, inches of rain is going to cause a significant issue here in Scotland County in terms of flash flooding and flooding in general. The wind speeds are still being projected to reach our area at about 2am with sustained speeds of 40-50 mph and gusts up to 50-60 mph or higher. This amount of rain coupled with the high winds are going to bring down trees and flood roadways. The winds are expected to arrive around around 2 am tonight, with rain arriving shortly after. Right now, the radar model shows the storm sitting over our area from tomorrow morning through Sunday, with Saturday having some of the heaviest rain. We can not stress enough that if you do not have to be out traveling, please do not attempt to. This amount of rain in this short of a time span is being classified as “Extreme Impact” by the NWS that could lead to significant loss of life and property.

Again, Florence is going to bring heavy, heavy rains and winds to our areas. Please be prepared for loss of power. If you need assistance that is life threatening dial 911. If you need other assistance please dial 266-4666 which is the direct line at the Emergency Operations Center. Emergency Personnel ask that you call your power provider in regards to power outages.

Please share this report. We will be operating throughout the storm and will continue to push information. Please take this serious. The flooding threat is very real. We have never seen the amount of rain that the NWS is now projecting for us. Everyone stay safe!