City Services You Might Not Know About

The City of Laurinburg offers many programs for its citizens. Here’s a brief description of several programs that you may be interested in:

Load Management-You can save as much as $48.00 per year simply by participating in the Load Management Program. If you have an electric water heater you can save $2.00 each month, or if you have a central electric air conditioning system, you can save $6.00 a month on your July, August, September and October utility bills. You can pick up a form at the Customer Services Department or call the Customer Services Department at 276-1521.

Off Peak Billing - This program is designed to save you money. Make the choice to watch when you use power and save on your electric bill each month. A brochure is available in the Customer Services Department.

Equal Payment Plan (EPP) - The Equal Payment Plan averages the last 12 months of your utility bills so that you pay the same amount each month and it make budgeting so much easier. Contact our Customer Services Department at 276-1521.

Energy Audit - The City offers an Energy Audit program for your home to help you find any problems that could be causing your electric bill to run high. Brian Morrison will come into your home to suggest ways to decrease your electric bill. Please contact Brian at 291-1709 to schedule your energy audit.

Rebates - The City of Laurinburg offers rebates to customers installing energy efficient electric hot water heaters and heat pumps. Contact Brian Morrison for rebate requirements and amounts at 291-1709.

Bank Draft - A convenient way to pay your utility bill. Bank draft will save you from writing a check each month. It will also ensure that your bill will be paid on time and eliminate any late charges. Please call Customer Services Department at 276-1521 for more information.

Security Light - You can give your home or business an edge on safety and security by installing a security light for a small fee each month. Call Customer Services Department at 276-1521.

Truck Loan Program - Spring cleaning time? Take advantage of the Truck Loan Program. If you are a homeowner and need a truck delivered to your home to haul away limbs, household trash, bulky items, etc., contact Public Works Department at 276-2364 for more information.

The City of Laurinburg strives to meet the needs of its citizens and help you save time and money. If you have any suggestions, please call us at 276-1521.